About Me

Some people would perhaps question my decision for opening this website to the public. Most people would not understand and will judge me, but with the type of environment that I am in, this website is the only platform for me to clear my mind. My name is Elena Crawford, and I am the thirstyscholar.net.
Let us face it. College tuition is not getting more affordable every year. That is besides other expenses that suddenly pop out of nowhere when you thought that you have everything covered already. Sex is a natural phenomenon and it just happened to have another role in my life – and that is to pay for my college funds.

When you are in my situation, you won’t feel that it is a dirty job anymore. You would feel that it is just a routine just like how you brush your teeth in the morning. It also feels rewarding because you won’t need to worry about where you are going to get the money to stay in school.

You see, this website is not a tragedy. It is a way for me to share how to win in life in my own way. In every encounter, there is a lesson to share. There is a realization that perhaps it is not as bad as people think. I chose this, and I know that this is just a phase. Soon, I will graduate from college with more wisdom and tools to win at life.

Welcome to thirstyscholar.net