Fake and true: The classification between genuine and fake latex materials

Latex materials can come in different forms and shapes, from 100% latex to mixing with synthetic materials. Click here for more. 

How to spot genuine latex materials

Latex materials have many variations. Consequently, it is challenging to find what we are looking for. It may sound confusing, but there are ways to make your decisions easier. 

Materials made of latex encompass natural and synthetic materials. It might seem like there are no differences, but oh boy are there differences. Your knowledge of the subject will determine if you’re going to buy genuine material or something mixed with fake latex chemicals

Luckily, we’re here for you! In the following lines, we’ll give you some tips on identifying fake latex materials. 

Color check

Although the fabric industry is advancing day by day, it has not yet reached the level where genuine and fake materials are completely equal in appearance. Although this

Why is sex work the most convenient way to pay for college?

It’s happening. Sex work is becoming one of the easiest yet scariest ways to pay for college. Many students succumb to it to repay a student debt or live better in a big city away from home. Some of them might even be your friends!

Is Sex Work Frequent to College Students?

Do you condemn People for sex work? Ask yourself the following: Are they hurting someone? Are they trying to get through a difficult year reasonably? Many teenagers join criminal gangs to earn quick money. That is much worse than being, say, a call girl.


How often does it happen, though? About 5% of the student population is doing sex work as a regular job to pay for college. Also, 44% of sugar babies (the term that occurs for someone financially supported by another person, in exchange for sexual favors) are still in college.


Some of these

How to match and pair collars with your BDSM outfit?

BDSM one of the most fascinated techniques of sex. There is a mass of people who gets way attracted to this aspect of sex. To be very precise BDSM stands for a combination of the abbreviations B/D (Bondage and Discipline), D/s (Dominance and submission), and S/M (Sadism and Masochism).

BDSM has its numerous aspects in which role-playing is the foremost. Without role-playing, there is not much interest in this. People prefer the option of role-playing widely. It is quite popular to give an interesting touch to your intimate time.

The role-playing in BDSM needs some of the essential which are costume, collars, sex toys, spanking bar, and many more. Among this one of the most important things are the costume and the accessories associated with it such as a collar, tiara and other stuff. Apart from the costume, other things, exaggerate the feel of getting sexual pleasure while dominating. …

The symbolism of wearing a BDSM collar

Collars are one of the hottest props of any BDSM session. In fact, it won’t be exaggerating to say that a BDSM session is not really complete without a collar. The symbol of ownership and surrender, the collar usually graces the neck of the sub in a BDSM relationship. It’s the dom or the master who makes the sub wear it to show his/her ownership. And the sub puts it on to signify that s/he is always under the command of the master. Would you too like to explore the world of BDSM with your partner? It would be a refreshing change from your regular intimate sessions. And if you do, a collar is a must-have here.

The post below shares a brief on BDSM collars, their symbolism and the various styles you may try out.

Symbolism behind BDSM collars

Show of ownership and possession

The most important aspect of …

College Students Turning To Sex Work To Pay High Tuition

As the cost to attend universities rises, more and more college students turn to sex work to pay the exorbitant price to get an education and avoid graduating drowning in debt. What’s worse is, the institutions have ignored the issue.

According to a report from this site, experts, as well as students, believe that colleges are “burying their heads in the sand” when it comes to how widespread the situation is, especially since so much of it happens online through webcams and apps. As many as 10 percent of young people seeking a degree have turned to this type of job to pay. However, instead of attempting to provide support, in some cases, universities actually block groups that try to help students who’ve turned to prostitution to pay for college. In some instances, the institutions even threaten to take action against students working in this manner because of the moral …

I Had Sex With A Sugar Daddy to Help Pay My Tuition, And Here’s Why I Wouldn’t Do it Again

Stories about women seeking richer, older men to pay their university tuition in exchange for sex are becoming more and more common. From the United States to the U.K., “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies” are becoming a reasonable option for women looking not only to exercise control over their own bodies, but also to fund ridiculously high educational costs with the money of people who can afford to help.

I’ve dipped my toe into the sex-for-money pool before, and I made enough money in four hours to pay my entire month’s rent, which typically takes me over 80 hours at my regular minimum-wage retail job. But I wouldn’t do it again.

It started when I found out about websites like WhatsYourPrice.com and SeekingArrangements.com through a friend who’d had a successful experience with a “sugar daddy” arrangement. These sites connect young women with mostly older, rich men who will …

College students trade sex to pay off college loans

College students who find themselves drowning in hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans are using an unconventional way to make money and pay off their debt. They’re targeting sugar daddies who will pay down their college loans in exchange for sex.

Would you trade sex for money to pay off your college loan debt?

If that sounds too shocking to be true, it isn’t. According to the research, college students are seeking sugar daddies who will hand over the big bucks that students and grads are using to pay off their enormous student loans.

Take, for example, “Ashley,” a 22-year-old student whom we meet as she’s “bracing herself to endure an afternoon of sex with someone she suspected was actually about 30 years her senior.” Saddled with $15,000 in loan debt and past-due bills, Ashley discovered StudentHelp.com, a website devoted to matching college students in financial need and …

9 Women On How They Put Themselves Through College With Sex Work

Sex work in America, where much of it is criminalized and nearly all of it is stigmatized, can be hard to truly wrap our minds around. It’s something that I’ve only recently started thinking more in-depth about, but as part of the mission to talk about the diversity of financial experience, it’s part of the story, even if it’s a story not all of us understand or empathize with. When you’re young, things tend to seem black and white. However, as you get older, you come to appreciate a fuller and more complete picture of the hows and whys of the decisions people make.

I’ll be the first to admit that I knew precious little about the world of using sex work to pay college tuition, or to help pay off student debt. According to the data, more students than you might realize are using sex work to pay for …